Enabled Play Controller Lite (Pre-order)

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Note: these devices are currently only available for pre-order and start shipping as soon as June or July 2023. Global supply chain issues may cause further delays in product shipments. We appreciate your patience!

The Enabled Play Controller Lite helps you turn anything into a new input for your computers, game consoles, and more. Powered by offline, private, and personalized Artificial Intelligence and distributed services – all packed into one affordable device and app.

These inputs include:

  • Real-time, offline, and personalized speech recognition
  • Real-time, offline, and personalized face expression, hand gesture, and head position recognition
  • Virtual buttons
  • Tilt controls
  • Shake detection
  • Remote typing
  • Third party integrations

Combine any and all of these inputs together alongside any other device like a keyboard and mouse for the optimal personalized experience.

Bring your Enabled Controllers anywhere to use on any device. Compatible with Windows, MacOS, select game consoles, and more! Map any of the above input types to:

  • Key Bindings and Typing
  • Mouse movement and clicks
  • Game controller buttons
  • Macros and automated tasks


The Enabled Controller Lite itself includes:

  • Micro-USB to USB-A power and data transmission
  • Wi-Fi support for remote commands and automated updates
  • Bluetooth LE support for offline commands from the app
  • Mountable case for desk or wall mounting in permanent or semi-permanent locations
  • Installed auto-updating firmware to automatically get the latest updates when connected to the internet

Start using your technology in ways that work better for you without being held back by the existing paradigms of keys and buttons.

Compared to the Enabled Controller, the Enabled Controller Lite is smaller and lighter, but does not have any on-device microphones, ethernet support, or extendable USB ports. This means that the only way to control it is through the Enabled Play app. While the app still includes offline speech, gesture, and expression recognition, performance may vary when using it to control your Lite controller. 

This device is best suited for mobility and flexible performance tasks like browsing, building, slow paced gaming.


Learn more about the Enabled Play devices and services at https://enabledplay.com